Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dear Violet,

You are a genius-baby.  You surprise me everyday with the things you can do.  Allison and Kristie drove to Arkansas for a little while for a visit to make papa's Biggest Loser audition tape, and your cousins all came with them.  You'd been around other kids a little before that, but not for any period of time.  It was so much fun to watch you interact with them.  You did so well being social, I was so proud!  You and Katie were so adorable to watch.  We were surprised at how interested you were in each other.  By the last night, you two were giving each other "kisses."  You're 8 1/2 months old now, and so far you've said "mama," "dad" (really "dat," but you're talking about dad), "dog," and as of last night "more."  You've been able to wave, bounce, and "dance" for a while now, but your new tricks are giving "kisses" and as of today clapping.  So many new things!  You crawl like a speed-demon these days, and have stood up on your own for a good 7 seconds a handful of times.  You're going to start walking before we know it- you love to pull up on anything and everything (including dad's leg hairs, which make the poor guy want to cry, but he can't tell you no), and you aren't afraid to let go of my hands and try to walk by yourself. 

We've had to try to babyproof the house as much as possible, which is harder than it seems.  You've already fallen off our bed twice (yes, I've finally learned not to leave you there for a millisecond, even if it's just to throw something away RIGHT across the hall!).  You also love to pull yourself up on the drawer under the oven, which is so scary to me, because it's gas and when it's on, there is a LOT of heat in that drawer!  I have to be very careful to make sure you learn not to ever climb up there, even if it's not on.  You also love to pull yourself up on the toilet (YUCK!), try to dig diapers out of the trashcan in our bedroom (DOUBLE YUCK!), and you're a magnet for all cords plugged into outlets...  let me tell you, to say that you have to be watched every second is an UNDERstatement!  It's pretty fun to watch you explore and learn how independent you can be.  "No" is still a game to you so far.  You giggle when I say it, even with the most serious face and tone I can muster, all I get is a whole-face smile from you...  man, I'm in for it!  You're lucky you're cute... 

Here are some beyond adorable photos of you from this past month:

This is at Wye Mountain.  I think you look like me in this photo.
 This is your 8 month birthday. 

This is you playing in your toy box.  You are such a little spitfire, with SO much energy.  You make the cutest and silliest faces for the camera.  You definitely know what to do in front of that camera!

This is you pulling up on dad's leg while he shaves in the morning.  You sit in front of the bathroom door waiting for him to get out of the shower, and then you follow him around ALL morning.  You just started to whine when he leaves.  It's a feeling you can't describe to see how much you have fun with your dad.

This is me and you.  I don't like the lighting or how I look, but I think it's so cute how you're looking right in the camera like you know that I'm trying to get a shot of both of us.  I was laughing so hard because I took about 4 shots and you just kept cheesing it up and looking right in the camera. 

I have so much fun with you.  You're already my best friend and you're not even 1 year old!  We have quite the perfect family, if you ask me.


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  1. Wow! She can do so much! Cute her ruffle bloomers!