Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear Violet,

You're starting to look more like a person rather than a baby these days.  Maybe not to other people, but to me, because I see you everyday.  Your face is starting to thin out a little bit and the things you do are so much more "purposeful."  You have such a big personality, I get such a kick out of hanging out with you all day.  You're a lot like me so far- you're sometimes shy, but most of the time you'll giggle and shout at random people in line at the deli or post office.  You're emotionally sensitive, yet you're tough when you hurt yourself.

You're moving into a different phase for sleeping, too.  You still take 2 naps a day, but your first nap is becoming a LOT shorter than before.  At night, I usually either nurse or rock you to sleep, but these days you're just so restless in my arms!  You'll be ALMOST asleep, yet you still try to turn and twist and flip and jump out of my arms, all the while your eyes are shut and you're whining like I'm supposed to know what to do with you- you little greased pig!  I decided a few nights ago that you may just want to be put down in your crib still awake (NEVER before have you done that!), so you could stretch your long little body out and get comfortable.  Well, I was right... sort of.  You did want to stretch out, then tuck your little legs under your butt so it pokes up so adorably I want to cry.  I do have to massage you before you'll let me leave the room.  You L.O.V.E. massages!  It's so cute!  You'll wake up and cry, but if I'm quick to rub your legs and pull on them to stretch them out, you just melt and go RIGHT back to sleep.  So funny.  You also like when I trace your eyebrows, nose and lips with my finger.  That puts you to sleep too when you're almost there but fighting it.  I'm still the only one who you'll let put you to sleep, and sometimes I complain or get frustrated about it, because I don't have time to leisurely cook dinner and photograph it for my blog, but when I finally get you to sleep (either in my arms or in your crib), I just LOVE the feeling of seeing you sleep, so sweet and innocent.  I also love knowing that there's NOWHERE in the world you'd rather be than sleeping up against me- your mama.  :)  Knowing you feel safe with me is a great, great feeling.  I hope you'll always feel that way!  I know I still feel like that around nana.

So, I have to admit, I'm a little addicted to making sure you always look stylish and adorable.  And unfortunately that's not free.  Ooops.  Although that is one good thing about you growing so fast- there's always reason to need more clothes!  I'm LOVING warm weather clothes- they look so cute on you and your chunky legs and arms are exposed so they can be covered in kisses whenever I want.  I got you 2 little straw-sun-hats the other day, and some shirts that match them.  You try to take the hat off, but if I can distract you well enough after I put it on, you'll forget you're wearing it.  I'm so sneaky...
Everyone always tells me how beautiful you are, so I feel like I have to match your outfits to your cuteness level.  It doesn't quite compare, but it's still fun to try.  :)

I love you,


  1. so cute! she will love this when she's older!

  2. It is super fun to dress babies up...I can't imagine what it's like to dress up a girl all the time. That's SO cute that she likes massages so much.