Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear Violet,

You started fake laughing today.  It was hilarious, because it was totally random, and sometimes you'd even be by yourself in the middle of the living room floor, just laughing at one of your rubber duckies.  You really crack me up.

Yesterday, however, you totally hurt my feelings... okay, not really.  It was bittersweet.  You had your first "I don't want mommy, I want daddy" experience.  I'm talking complete with you crying when he'd try to give you to me to put you in my carseat.  I gave you back and you immediately stopped.  What's wrong with you?  It's supposed to be a girls vs. boys household!  What team are you on?!  Just kidding, actually it made me happy.  Daddy deserves a little lovin' too, I guess.  We thought maybe after that you'd let him put you to sleep... we were wrong.  It's really not that I mind putting you to sleep every night, it's just that when I can't put you to sleep (when I'm shooting a wedding), it's going to be a total nightmare for all involved.  That, and every once in a while it'd be nice if your dad and I could go out to eat.  Ah well, sooner or later you'll get better at that, right?  Right?

I have 3 months to ween you off of breastfeeding, and knowing you, I think it's going to take the full 3 months to do so.  I'm trying to get you eat more regular food during the day, because since you've discovered Puffs and those freeze dried yogurt drops, you don't want a regular helping of pureed food.  You do, however, want whatever's on our plate.  The problem is that you don't get full off of anything, because there's never a lot you can eat that we're eating.  I did make you a sundried tomato puree meal today with panko breadcrumbs, basil, olive oil and a little mozzarella cheese, and you did enjoy that for a while.  It was your first cheese experience.  You also had your first corn on the cob experience last night.  You were fussy at Aunt Kathy's house during dinner, so I gave you my cob after I'd eaten it (it was grilled so it had a good smoky flavor), and you LOVED and ADORED that cob for at least 45 minutes!  You were just chomping and sucking away on that thing!  We were all very entertained by you.

Since I've taken up running, you've been having a ball riding in the stroller while I run along the Riverfront Trail and the Big Dam Bridge.  We have so much fun as running buddies.  Everyone always smiles and laughs and coos at you as we pass.  I try to have you wear either sunglasses or a cute hat to keep the sun out of your face, but that usually just either ends up lost when you throw it overboard and I don't notice, or I do notice and I have to stop to pick it up, totally throwing off my pace, and I throw it in the storage basket under you.  You typically end up slouched over asleep, with the wind causing your hair to look electric.  Your chubby cheeks and chubby thighs are just so cute all sprawled out in the stroller.

Here are some photos of the past week:

I LOVE this new hair band!  You make this face and said "Bha Bha Bha" all the time.

I like this shot because your onesie is so true... and your cheeks are just too kissable...

You love playing with your daddy

Where's Violet?


Your crawling is not very graceful... 

Learning how to use your sippy cup, and doing a great job!

I absolutely love the look you give us when you're in a playful mood...

Watching cartoons, chewing on my lens cap...

But your TV isn't as entertaining as your daddy!

Your hair has always been one of the funniest things about you- it's never under control!  Here is our bathtime tonight, with your lovely 'do and your favorite rubber ducky out of your large collection.

I love you!


  1. Just thought I'd say "hi" as I'm stopping by your blogs. Your daughter is crazy cute, and I love the way you've chosen to write the blog TO her.

  2. thanks jenny! your "babies" are insanely adorable as well. :) i'm hoping she'll enjoy reading this when she gets older and has a baby of her own. :)

  3. what a cutie!! We miss you guys!!

  4. What a sweet update! Sounds like y'all have so much fun together. Good luck with weaning! :)