Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Violet,

This is the hilarious pucker-face I was trying to describe in my last post.  This means that you're either not done chewing on your previous bite, or you don't want any more food.  Today you've started to incorporate shaking your head  "No" while making this face.  I didn't think I shook my head when I told you "No," but maybe you learned it from that?  Or maybe it's just a coincidence.  Nah, you're just a genius....

(By the way, I had to be quick with the camera, so they're not the best photos, but you get the idea...)

Now you're smiling again- you were in a great mood!  This was your first "prune" experience.  You liked them!

The tail end of your side-tongue grin.

You were talking so fast!  I wish I knew what you were saying, because it seemed pretty important!


  1. That pucker face is SO cute and so funny that that's how she tells you expressive! Glad you caught it on camera.

  2. Too cute! LOVE the pucker face!