Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Violet,

Oh, you're in the middle of such a fun, tiring stage!  You're soaking everything up like a sponge, and you love to learn new things.  You can see the concentrated look on your face when someone is trying to teach you a new word or concept.  You're such a smart little person.

You aren't 10 months old yet, but you're about a step away from just walking all over the house without any care.  You've taken several steps at a time- probably up to about 7, and it started when you were 9 months and 3 days old.  Until yesterday it was just from person to person, with coaxing and some kind of incentive to get you to walk, but you were playing with some old Nintendo controllers that uncle Ryan donated to your chew-toy collection (ha!), and you just decided to up and stand right up on your own, from sitting!  Yay Violet!  We were at Nana's house and we were all so proud of you, just giggling and clapping and so happy for you!  Then not an hour later, I set you down on your feet from being in my arms, and instead of the usual "plop" on your butt you do, you just started walking off!  I was just beside myself with excitement for you.  I've been working with you all day today with walking around the house holding just one of your hands, so you can work on your balance.  You're doing so well.

Your new favorite game is "chase."  I say "I'm gonna get you!  You can't stop me!  Here I come to TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE!" and you just crawl your little one-legged scoot about 90 miles an hour giggling as loud as you can, and when I "get" you, you just splat your body on the floor and shout with laughter.  I can't get enough of it!  My jaw hurts from smiling so wide after that game.  I love love love it!

We surprised Mimi for mothers' day by driving down to Dallas to visit her, and you (as always) did amazingly well in the car.  It was such a nice, relaxing trip, and you had a lot of fun with Mimi, Pawpaw, Amanda, and Kepler.  I wish Mimi was closer so you could see her more often.  You sure love spending time with her!  You look so much like her- so beautiful!

Because the weather's been nice out (and dogs shed like crazy), we've been having the dogs as "outside dogs" for a while.  It started just when you started being COMPLETELY interested in them.  Well, after Emma's "escaped" from us 3 times in the last 3 weeks, we've been having them stay inside more often (I think she's just a BIT jealous of you...), and you're IN LOVE with them.  Speckles does pretty well about running off at your approach, but Emma thinks she has to let you claw all over her.  (Poor dog!)  It's no wonder she's been running off every chance she gets!  You love her so much, and I love to watch you interact with her.  You're not scared of any dog you meet!  Nana's 110 lb. Hagrid doesn't scare you a bit!  In fact he's a little terrified of YOU!  Ha!

Cute little things you do right now include:
*Grinning with your tongue sticking out of the side of your mouth
*Growling like T-Rex (or Donald Duck or a possessed zombie) while playing and talking- everyone gets a GOOD kick out of that!
*Waving like a "Miss America meets interpretative dancer " by twisting and waving your arm around in circles.  It's HILARIOUS.
*Scooting across the floor with one leg constantly in the "sitting" position rather than crawling like a regular baby...  :)
*When you're done eating, you scrunch up your face real tight and shake your head.  Your little button nose scrunches up and your lips pucker out so far.  It's adorable (I'll catch a picture soon)!

Life is never boring with you around, especially with the stage you're in, and the stage you're entering will be even more exciting (and tiring)!  You have a radar to play with things that are choking hazards or electric, and you're starting to realize that "No!" is not a game, but you continue to think it's funny when I say it.  You're very sweet and affectionate and sensitive, but you're tough when it comes to bumps and bruises- you're littered with battle wounds from crawling/cruising/walking, but that doesn't stop you!  You just have a confused look on your face for about 2 seconds, then you just flip over, get up and keep going.  That's my strong little woman.  I can't wait to see the big things that are in store for you.  You're going to continue to amaze me every day for the rest of my life.

I love you!

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