Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Violet,

Your Mimi and Pawpaw are in town so Pawpaw, your dad and Uncle B can go deer hunting (this past weekend was opening weekend for bow season).  You and I went to Uncle B's house to hang out with Mimi and Fisher while the guys were away, and you had quite the fun time!  You don't get to spend NEAR as much time with Mimi and Pawpaw as any of us would like, so time with them is special.  Uncle B has a cute little playhouse outside for Addie, and you were so hooked on that thing.  I have to find... I mean... I have to make sure Santa knows you like those things!!  You would go inside, shut the door, then giggle while you opened it to "peekaboo" with Mimi.  I know that meant a lot to her that you were having so much fun with her, and it meant a lot to me too!

I also took some portraits of Fisher for Uncle B, and you wanted to push him around in our photo prop (with your pretty necklace on that you demanded to wear all day).  You guys look alike in this photo...  everyone in our family makes some pretty cute babies (on both sides)!

Here's you with your sweet cousin Caleb, who you've always adored!  You've always been comfortable with him, and he's so good with you!  We were outside looking at his fancy new moped here...

I'm so glad that you're surrounded by all our family members who love you!  It makes life so much more interesting...


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