Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dear Violet,

One of the things that I've been very curious about with you is what "comfort" item you'll adopt.  Some kids have blankets, others have stuffed animals, etc.  I've tried to sort of "set you up" with some things I've liked, like your Sophie the Bear or your dad's white stuffed monkey from when he was a kid, but neither of those did it for you. I wondered if you'd even go through that stage, because you're one already and you haven't really "taken" to any one of your toys in particular.

Well, you've finally found your comfort item.  I bet it's because this is your first week of being "officially" weaned.  Your last nursing was Monday morning.  The timing is perfect, so it makes sense that you're needing something to replace that comfort.  (By the way, the weaning process went BEAUTIFULLY smooth, and so much easier than I thought it would.  Thank you for being so easy!)  You always love to lug around my make up bag, purse, diaper bag... anything with a handle on it.  We were at TJMaxx a few days ago, and I was looking at the make up bags to get you one to play with, and you pulled a beige satin clutch purse from the rack next to me, slung it over your arm proudly, and walked up to two older little girls that were close to us and just looked up at them like you were just "ready to go" or something.  I can't explain how funny this was to watch.  You really are so incredibly funny, I can't wait to hear the things that are going to come out of that mouth of yours!

Nana bought you the purse for your birthday present, and you pretty much haven't taken it off since.  It's so funny because you're such a tomboy, yet you have this pretty little satin clutch purse with you while you're smearing your hands in the dirt!  I guess you take after me- feminine yet not afraid to get messy.  :)

The rope is a little bit too long so you sometimes trip over it, so I started putting it around your neck to the side, and you love that.  You've not once tried to take it off!  I put my old cell phone and your toy keys in there so you're all set to go.  I don't let you sleep with it because my mommy-brain thinks of all the morbid ways it could get tangled up and hurt you, but it stays on the nightstand waiting for you when you wake up.  It's a pretty purse too- you have good taste!



  1. that is too freakin adorable!! those are some great pictures, too!

  2. So adorable! These will be such great memories! Brings me back to memoried with you!